Strange problem with RGH

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    Feb 5, 2013
    So RGH my xbox and it ran all the games i threw at it but then there was one that i simply can't run on it. here is what happened:
    i got my backup in iso format
    i extracted it using xbox 360 extract iso (much better than xbc)
    i burned the game to a dvd 5 (it was small and i wanted to save space on the hdd and i had done it before and i know it works as a replacement for the hdd as the medium)
    i went to fsd 3 file manager and put ran the default.xex file
    it went in a black screen which was completely unresponsive (when i pressed the xbox menu button it just gave a faint sound but no visual effect) and even took long to shut down when i pressed the shut down button
    what do you guys think could be wrong? could it be the region or a bad burn?
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    Regions don't matter on RGH/JTAG consoles.

    It's likely to be a bad burn or just a faulty DVD.
    It could also be that your kernel/dash is lower then the required game.