1. PeteIsegai

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    Apr 12, 2006
    Gambia, The
    Hi Everybody

    When I turn on my DS Lite (flashed with flashme V7) i see some strange stripes on the white areas that normally appear for less than half a second everytime you turn on a ds. It doesn´t matter if I use my M3 card or leave the M3 out and use a real game in the ds cartridge (or even nothing in both slots).

    I turn it on and see black (sometimes colored) stripes in different shapes on the touchscreen. Try it for urself. Turn on the DS lite, watch the touchscreen and for the short time U see the display being white then starting the firmware. I have another ds lite which does not have this behavior.

    If i leave the ds lite off for quite a while and turn it on, the stripes don´t appear. As if something is left in the Grafic Ram that shows up when U turn on the ds shortly after turning it off when you played something.

    Could this mean there is something out of order in my ds?

    It´s nothing that affects my gameplay but I was wondering what this could be.

    does anybody have a clou or could tell me, if he/she has the same?


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