Stop Watch DS v0.2

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    Stop Watch DS v0.2
    NEW NDS Homebrew

    Stop Watch DS is a projected designed to improve upon the limitations of a handheld stop watch. The date, current time, total time of all laps can be displayed at the same time, unlike traditional stop watches. For more information on this project please check the release notes below.

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  2. Elvarg

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    Good job it would come in handy some how...
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    I think he was just in a hurry Nathan, chill out.

    To clear things up, this app is in no way affialited with DS-Scene, or any other website to be precise. Stop with the drama, there's no need for it.

    EDIT: Oh. I see. He got banned because he voiced out an opinion. That's... interesting.
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    That was a ban evasion, something which we don't appreciate. It has nothing to do with his opinion.
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    Jesus Christ, this is putting me in a massively uncomfortable position. I don't want to be used as a tool in a DS-Scene vs. GBATemp war, I like both sites for my own reason and I don't see a point in drama. The credits are in the app anyways.
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    I like the Magaman stop watch. It is fun to use with the kids for races around the yard and for setting time limits on activities.