StillAliveDS v1.2 Neo Comp + Skin Editor

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    Did some research, and didn't see this info posted yet. Sorry if it has....
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    8/21/08 - StillAliveDS has been updated for the Neo Coding Comp


    "This version will be presented to the Summer NeoFlash compo 2008 ! It features various new things like skin system, custom campaign, upload/download highscores from the nds and other things [​IMG]"

    StillAliveDS V1.2||
    + : addition
    - : correction/remove
    - Small objects (crate or plasma ball) are stuck when two portals are one on the other with one bloc between them.
    - Shoot a portal on a platform, then trying to put the other one on the same place made this other one flying around the level.
    - Platforms and portals are in front of the pause menu.
    + Custom story mode (see forum section on website to see how it works).
    + DSMotion, if inserted, enables you to move platforms you're on.
    + You can upload/view highscores from the NDS.
    + Skinning system : customizable tileset, and most of the sprites
    - If a map with platforms is played and the level is exited, platforms are in the menu.
    + You can choose what to do with the styls instead of doing it with the crate.
    + Before deleting a map, you have to confirm.
    + Finished level are colored in green.
    - Auto build when the level is saved.
    - Starting point can disappear after testing a map.
    - You can put platforms one on the other on the first line of the map.
    + Text that explains what selected block does.
    + Undo/Redo for left handed (forgot it since 1.0).
    + Check latest version
    + You can send your highscores online
    - EFS version : On some linkers, the game can be launched only once.
    + DLDI version of the game for linkers having problems with EFS
    + Chosen language is saved.
    + You can set a nickname which will be used for maps and highscores upload.
    8/30/08 - Secondly a Skinning Viewer has been released specificially for the v1.2 Neo Coding Comp build.

    You just have to open the program, select a skin and open your eyes.
    Some things to now :
    - All animated things ARE animated. It means that you will see how your sprites / animated tiles will work within the game !
    - Taking a screenshot saves a screenshot.gif file where the program is located (it replaces old file already present)
    -When you work on a tileset/sprite which is currently opened in the previewer, it will be refreshed automatically as soon as you replace the file (some kind of auto refresh feature;))
    - If a sprite/tileset isn't present in the skin folder, the game will load the default one, so don't worry if some files are missing;)
    How to use:
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    Wow, thanks. You are the best (well, right now you are [​IMG])

    I am downloading it now.
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    Isn't this the same thing that was used for the Homebrew Bounty?
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    kewl, Thanks.. [​IMG]