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    Jul 11, 2006
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    StillAliveDS v1.1
    Portal-inspired Game for the DS
    t4ils has release StillAliveDS v1.1, a puzzle game inspired by the game Portal.
    Changelog and download below.
    -- The turrets will not take more through the coffers
    -- The maximum number of crates and turrets in a level is in agreement with the publisher
    -- A portal buckle down / down is no longer accelerating object that makes a loop
    -- More than portal laid one on another ground
    -- Fixed energy green wall that was more effective after missing if you restart the game
    -- The turrets located at (0, Y) may draw
    -- The turrets can now draw after the disappearance of a wall blue / green in front of them
    -- Viewing the last character in dialogues on the upper screen
    -- No more eating cakes already eaten if you fall outside the screen at the bottom right
    -- The scores are now well advanced saved
    -- If you have finished the game and once again we finished the 28 level to normal, the advanced level will return more 1
    -- You can not launch a portal (or erase) if an object is still inside
    -- If a fund sends to the ceiling and crushes us, no longer through the ceiling

    + Route portal fired
    + Facility poses greater portal (1 pixels floating allowed on each side)
    + Display the name of the map under way in custom / wifi
    + Leave the party returns to the mode where it was (leaving custom menu returns to custom, leave the wifi returns to wifi ...)
    + Its wood broken when the body leaves the screen explodes
    + The ball explodes plasma funds
    + Animation portals and portalGun
    + The arrival flag is red and white becomes when you can finish the level
    + The character slips a little less ground
    + More pressing the button jump over the figure jumps high

    + Appropriations accessible from the menu if already ended Thursday
    + Appropriations slightly modified at the end
    + Adding an explanation of the buttons on the menu
    + Use of the pad can to get around the maps menu Story (already present for Custom modes and wireless)

    + Upload map since the DS (We choose a map, on the cheek, and if we finished the upload starts)
    + Support for an infinite number of maps in the directory customMaps
    + Publisher level (new map or change map selected)

    + Report bad map to wifi since the DS

    + Support of the German language (thank you to Elric Ackbar)
    [​IMG] Download from Project Website
    [​IMG] Project Website
    [​IMG] GBAtemp Discussion Topic

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