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    I have a xbox 360. One morning I went to turn it on and I got RRoD.. "Error E74." This was my first time trying to take it apart and what not.. so I take it apart, brush off all the dust and residue.. and clean the chips where the old heat mats used to be.. I then re-applied thermal compound onto the chips and replaced the heat mats with 2 pennies wrapped in electrical tape. So I put my xbox back together, and fire it up. and It works. But the fans are super loud, and it will run for about two minutes and then shut off and give me 2 red rings. Any suggestions?
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    Oct 11, 2011
    Get a new 360.

    It's just isn't worth it trying to blow life into a old RRoD box.

    If you're really keen on keeping that box then I'd suggest getting a reflow or a reball (better)
    It will last for a few months (reflow) but will RRoD again.
    Reball is way more expensive but it will hold far longer (if done correctly)

    E74 is a scaler problem.
    GPU or HANA related.
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