1. ReiserFS

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    Apr 20, 2009
    I got my Wii pure and i make these steps:

    1. Install Homebrew Channel via Twilight Hack
    2. Install cIOS36_rev10 using WAD
    3. Put SD/USBLoader 1.5 on my SD
    4. Error -6

    At first i was getting the ret = -6 error everytime, so i made a test.

    1. Start the SD/USBLoader without my USB Pendrive.
    2. Put my Pendrive on Wii after the USBLoader.
    3. Press A.
    4. Works

    So this way the SD/USBLoader found my USB Drive and my games, and can i play without problems.

    When i chose ingame to return to WiiMenu and Open Again the SD/USBLoader, i get the ret = -6 error again, so i have to remove the USB Pendrive from wii, open the SD/USBLoader, put the Pendrive back and start again.

    It is like changing DVDS lol.

    - I tested the Ultimate Loader and still getting the same problem.
    - I tested installing the cIOSrev10 via Network and getting the same problem.
    - Tested Corsair 1GB USB Pendrive and work doing the trick.
    - Tested Kingston 4GB USB Pendrive and work doing the trick.
    - Tested With Maxtor 200GB HDD with USB case, and doenst work, even doing the trick, and trying the swap trick.

    Anyone know how can i let the Pendrive on USB all the time?

    Sorry for the Engrish.
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    Oct 14, 2007
    Buy a Kingston DTI 8GB pen drive [​IMG]
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