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    Fallout: New Vegas
    An interesting entry into the post apocalyptic universe of Fallout

    Fallout: New Vegas is the fifth entry in the Fallout series. In this iteration, you are a courier for the Mojave express. A post war delivery service. You have been tasked with the delivery of a small item known as "The Platinum Chip". A small poker chip made of valuable metal. You are ambushed, shot then buried and left for dead. Obviously you "Got better", but since you are still alive and kicking, you now seek revenge. You then embark upon a journey to correct this wrong.

    Story - 9/10
    A gritty post apocalyptic tale, tempered by "Civilization".

    The story itself is more than just a quest for vengeance. Your quest to kill the man who left you for dead can end many ways. As can the rest of the game. As you get further into the story, you'll have to decide which factions that you want to support, or eliminate. As you go through this vast and open ended story, you'll meet many people. Many who just want to kill you and take your stuff. The characters of even minor people are all very interesting. Unlike most of Bethesda's characters, these actually stir a feeling inside the player. Whether that be hate, pity, inspiration, or something else entirely.

    No one person or goal should be taken at face value. Everyone has an agenda, and even the most pure intentions may have horrible side effects in the end. This is the kind of game that is taken in over time. Your questing on the side is well rewarded in information and monetary value (in-game at least). Many of the side quests in this game help you be comfortable in who you choose to rule the Mojave.

    Since many of the Nuclear Warheads that hit the world never made it into the Mojave, "Civilization" has progressed further in this game. As a consequence many people will find the world to be more scripted with less hazards and less random encounters. It's not a bad thing by any means, but some may feel the Wastes to be boring in some ways that Fallout 3 was not affected by.

    Gameplay - 9/10
    Traditional Fallout RPG elements refined and almost perfected.

    The one thing many Fallout enthusiasts rave about is the Character development. Full Facial customization makes the Character feel like yours. Many combat and play styles accommodate any player and many armor styles to match you allegiance. So many choices it can be overwhelming at times.

    The ways that New Vegas is different from Fallout 3 may seem minuscule, but these changes make New Vegas play quite a bit different from Fallout 3. Additions such as Iron Sights make the game much more affected by your skills. You can now make your own ammo from parts scavenged from the wastes. Weapons can be modded with miscellaneous parts such as sniper scopes, or custom actions. Many of the menus have been refined. While the games themselves seem very similar, they play very differently.

    Some weapons don't function correctly in VATs, and before any patch was available, all enemies had double the armor the do now. Also, many times you'll enter VATs and your character will never complete the cut scene making a forced hard reset necessary. Which sucks.

    Graphics 6/10
    Nice to look at, but horribly outdated.

    I hate Fallout graphics. The engine is a buggy piece of crap, and the graphics have dated horribly. Hopefully this will change when the Elder Scolls V: Skyrim comes out. It also doesn't help that Obsidian somehow was able to get their grubby paws on the game code. Which brings us to the next section.

    Bug/Glitches - 4/10
    Plagued with an inexcusable amount of glitches, bugs and other game engine gremlins.

    This game has started with an inexcusable amount of bugs. It should have never been released with the sheer amount of freezing bugs, glitchy story NPCs, and stupid VATs glitches. The only reason this game gets more than a 1 is because none of the common glitches are game breaking. I've played around 700 hours across 30+ characters and I have not encountered anything worse than an auto save corruption, or a freezing glitch. I have heard reports of hard drive wipes/corruptions and DLC that won't function. These are less than 1% of all the bug reports though they're still there and are very frustrating.

    Lasting Appeal - 10/10
    A game where just when you think you've done everything something new pops up.

    This game's story and histories are revealed through many hours of playtime and several playthroughs. Many times I've had a rainy day where I played it all day. This game also has some of the best quality DLC out of any game. The max level cap when all the DLC is out will be level 50, and additional perks and traits and weapons are also added. I cannot wait for more truly open ended, and open world games to make an appearance.

    Final Score - 7.6/10


    Reviewer's Score - 10/10

    -I have had so much fun with this game, and I continue to have a lot of fun. I will review the DLC entries at a later date.
  2. Leo Cantus

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    May 23, 2009
    Nice review. I can't believe you've actually spent 700 hours playing, wow! The bugs are really annoying and the graphics need to be improved, they're the same as F3.
  3. Sterling

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    Jan 22, 2009
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    I know, me neither. Something about the whole lore and history makes me want to learn as much about the world that I can. There are also many easter eggs and references in the game.

    The next engine is the Elder Scrolls V engine. It's shaping up to be vastly improved. Shit, they even tested a few things in the New Vegas add ons which were very well done.
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