Step down 12 volts to 7.5

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  1. I'm trying to get my retro consoles and PS1 screen to run off the cigarette lighter in my car. I have a PTH08080 which will step down 12 volts to 5 with an efficiency of 93.5% which is perfect for my SNES and Mega Drive (the two best consoles of all time :)). The problem is the PS1 screen needs somewhere between 8.5 and 6.9 volts to run. I don't want to use a 7808 regulator because they are very inefficient and I don't want to be stuck with a dead car battery in the morning. I've done a bit of searching and found a recomendation for an MC34063 chip. I figure its best to ask for advice before I start buying and soldering stuff together.
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    Well, I would highly recommend installing a second battery in your car, if you want to do some gaming whilst the engine is turned off (seeing you said you wouldn't want a flat battery in the morning)
    Other then that, voltage regulators are your best bet.
    Othet then hooking up resistors to the line...