Step By Step to Play Wii BackUp Games? Anyone?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by tota1ecl1pse, Mar 20, 2007.

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    Once you solder the WiiKey to the Wii correct.... what are the steps must take to play wii backup games? I just ordered wiikey and hope to get it within about 2 weeks [​IMG]

    How the backups made? I put couple of my Wii Games (original) and computer could not read anything at all... Do I need special DVD or CD-rom to see the files in wii game? Pioneer DVD+-RW DVR-108.

    Do I need to use special Program to able to somehow extract will game files (orginal) to somekind of file?

    I was searching a forum.. and people saying change .iso or something to .isos?

    Last question is that where can I buy cheap soldering equipments? well for something has small tip? while searching, I see this website... is this good enough?


    sorry could not make the link to work.

    Appreciate any recommendations or any helpful hints for Newbie [​IMG]
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    solder wiikey to wii
    use Rawdump 2.0 with an LG 8164 drive (its one of i think 4 that work with it) and then dump game ..

    after 2.5 - 3 hours of dumping you have a wii .iso that is unscrambled.

    burn wii .iso file to dvd

    insert into wii

    cry because solder joint broke


    ok enough of my nonsense post.. but yeah the first bit stands true, you need a specific dvd drive to rip the games to iso, and also need rawdump to rip it w/ those dvd drives. and thusly creating a .iso which you should be able to burn imediately following.
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    I am not overly familiar with this myself but here goes.

    Grab yourself a chip, things move quickly here but reviews, forum posts and news posts should help you choose which you want. (as for that soldering link it should work, grab yourself some lead tin solder and practice for a while, see all the how to solder threads for some guidance as well)

    Wii/GC images
    you can get these of the internet or you can get them yourself.
    To dump them people use RAWDump, it was only programmed to work with certain drives (specialist debugging commands and the like were needed or something):
    * LG-8164b
    * LG-8163b
    * LG-8162b
    * LG-8161b
    Anyway you get the rawdump app, it is unfortunately a .NET (2.0) requiring app as well.
    Set up the app as you would any other and bang in your disc (Wii or cube), fire up the app and hit start dump.
    Wait until it is done (a couple of hours depending on game, drive and setup)
    Right click and hit properties (or whatever method you use to find size):
    Nintendo Wii ISO size: 4.37 GB (4,699,979,776 bytes).

    Nintendo Gamecube ISO size: 1.35 GB (1,459,978,240 bytes)

    Anything else and you have a bad dump.

    Burn with your favourite ISO burning app and use good media (some like a slow burn speed as well). My suggest for a decent burner is ImgBurn (made by the same person who made the legendary DVD decrypter)

    Sidenotes, Scambled images:

    Originally when images were first dumped they were scrambled, it was figured out how to unscramble and here we are. the latest rippers and releases should come unscrambled.
    Still if you need to unscramble:
    Quote stolen from

    If it's 4 699 979 776 bytes, it's unscrambled.
    If it's 4 700 012 544 bytes, it's unscrambled with unscrambler 0.4 which adds an extra 32 768 bytes to the file (JESUS release)
    If it's 4 736 698 368 bytes, it's in raw format and must be unscrambled.

    Unscramblers are available for Windows and Mac (I believe wine/cedaga should take care of linux as well), I am in a rush so you will have to search the forum for links.

    Different region releases for Wii (GC should not matter if you have a decent chip).
    A fair amount of releases can be tweaked to run on different region consoles, see this wiki article (all major OS should be OK for this either with an emu or via Java):
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    I see I didn't know that I needed specific drive.... I guess I need to buy one of LG Drives [​IMG] Thank you very much for heads up.

    Anyone purchased cheap(decent) soldering equipment yet from web? hopely under 30 bucks? small enough for this soldering job done?
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    Mar 18, 2007
    sorry to hijack but do you need one of those drives to burn the game or will the iso burn on any writer? I have an LG but not one of the listed ones.
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    Burning can be done with every DVD burner, only dumping your own Wii games needs a special LG drive.