1. Vieax

    OP Vieax Advanced Member

    Feb 24, 2017
    Hi there ,

    I wasn´t intrested in the dsi/ds hacking scene till now , so im a big derp when it comes to this topic.
    I saw people downgrading/hardmodding theyre systems for dsi mode hacks , which confused me.
    I still dont get why people are doing this...
    Thats why I would like to ask about the status of dsi mode hacks, ds homebrew etc...
    Im really intrested in coding thats why it also would be cool to code some homebrew for the ds.
    Also afaik you can only run homebrew via the r4i/ds flashcard.
    inb4 the ds/dsi didnt intrested me till now , so excuse me if my knowledge about this is pretty old.

    Thanks in advanced :).
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