Starhawk Confirmated, First Details Leaked

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    It may look to be a torrid time for Playstation gamers, with the PSN outage meaning you're stuck with all those single-player games. Eww. However, the world just got much a better place; SystemLink can exclusively reveal that Starhawk, the much-rumoured sequel to 2007's Warhawk, is real - and we've got the first details.

    We spoke to a Sony employee who, understandably, wished to remain anonymous. He confirmed to us that a sequel to Warhawk is indeed real, having been in development for a number of years now. It's official title is 'Starhawk'. What follows are all the details we gathered;

    - Starhawk will be revealed before E3 2011 - in fact, mid May is the current date for the official public outing.

    - The game remains a PS3 exclusive. However, Starhawk will ship only on Blu-ray, rather being a digital title on PSN, and available as a physical disc, like Warhawk.

    - According to our source, you cannot fly from a planet into space. Some maps are set on a planet, with dogfights taking place in the air, while others are in space, with small areas for ground combat. The game is still set in another universe, so Earth will not feature.

    - The game will retain the slightly cartoonish visuals - no ultra-gritty reboot in sight.

    - Starhawk runs on a brand new engine that provides stunning visuals, explaining the jump from digital title to Blu-ray disc.

    - While the main body of the same is still online multiplayer, there is a single-player component.

    - Starhawk is the game Dylan Jobe can't wait to talk about.

    This is the first time that Starhawk has been officially confirmed as in development, despite many rumours, and the first time all the features above have been confirmed. And as for the source's reliability, SystemLink can 100% confirm that this information is real and legitimate.

    Gear up for Starhawk's official announcement in the upcoming weeks - hopefully, it should take your mind off the PS3's current woes.[/p]

    I never got into Warhawk but this sounds pretty good. I'll keep my eye out on this one next month for some type announcement.
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    not too interested in this game tbh...
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    Whats starhawk? Starfox ripoff?
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    No it's a sequel to Warhawks.