Stardew Valley's 1.4 content patch is here, adding new items, quality of life changes, and more

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    If Nintendo was behind it getting removed that's just sad. It's not like the Switch hasn't already been blown open, so even if the exploit could lead to homebrew, what's the harm? Next they'll want Bethesda to fix all of the glitches in Skyrim in a patch for the Switch port.
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    Based off of what I heard, the reason why Nintendo wanted them to fix it was less to do with the concern of code execution, and more a result on the flaws of the exploit, and that if you entered a invalid string, or have a series of item ID's that go outside a certain character margin it WILL 100% force crash the game, and likely corrupt the save, or the game itself.

    If you understand how the Exploit worked you'd see that in no way can the Item ID exploit be used for code execution, it only calls on data inside the game that pertain to items inside a defined pool, anything else is invalid. its essentially the equivalent to a give command in Minecraft, except in Minecraft it is a polished feature, and in Stardew Valley it was just a buggy oversight made by a 1 man dev team ATT.
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    Dam, come on now. What's wrong with some modern day built in cheat codes.
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    what version update patched the id string exploit in the switch version? i've yet to play the game, so curious which version i should be at then.
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    Cool ... if only I had the time to play it ...
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    I wish they would have added a way to get your sword back without having to go all through the mine and finding one by accident. It wrecks the game for me. They should have mentioned it before the game started, not after I lost it.
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    Well, there's this...
    Even if you can only recover one item, it's pretty useful, it was so annoying when I'd collapse and not know if I should restart the day or keep going.
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