Starcraft: Brood War Challenge: $50 prize!

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    1. Introduction

    Starcraft: Brood War is the highest selling RTS of all time. Most PC gamers among you,
    especially older ones, will have at least played it once. It's also the most successful
    eSport ever, with highly paid professional gamers, tv broadcasts and massive live audiences.


    Despite the release of Starcraft 2, Brood War remains the competitive game of choice for
    many due to numerous reasons we won't get into. 12 years on it's still the most balanced and
    competitive RTS out there, and while it's difficult, even new players can get into it and
    have a lot of fun.

    To encourage people on this site to take a look back at this game and realize the fun you
    can have with it, i am putting up a prize of $50 (30 or so pounds if you're British like me)
    for the person who can defeat me in a Round of 5 match, or $30 for the Round of 3 with the
    choice to proceed to game's 4 and 5 or not.

    2. How to take part

    Firstly you need the game. You either have it, can buy a very cheap CD key for it, or
    download a Blizzard approved multiplayer only copy of the game from this address
    ( Yes Blizzard are fine with ICCUP and people
    using this copy on a private server, so do not worry about that.

    If you already have the game, download the ICCUP Launcher from
    For both groups, make an account on ICCUP. Then the option to login to this server will
    appear in your list of servers. This is the server where the games will be
    played. Make sure your ports are allowed for the game, play some practice games with people
    and do whatever you like on there. My name on there is NotoriousSCV, i will be in the
    channel gbatemp there and i will leave it logged in for the duration of the challenge.

    Ideally you will come onto the GBATemp IRC, on in channel
    where my name is inf and challenge me there, or ask for practice games or whatever questions
    you have.

    3. The maps

    These are the maps that will be used, all currently used in the Korean proleagues.

    Game 1
    Empire of the Sun

    Note the 2 island expansions at the top and bottom that can make a big difference in the
    game, otherwise a normal layout.

    Game 2

    A mostly standard map with a large center for flanking.

    Game 3

    This one is the odd one out and completely different. I will leave it up to you to decide
    what advantages the small air distances and layout of the map gives each race, and what are
    the best strategies to use.

    If needed, Game 4 will be Icarus again while Game 5 will be Empire of the Sun again.

    Here is a zip of the maps:
    Put them in your */starcraft/maps folder.

    4. Rules

    - If you lose 2:0 the challenge is over
    - If you lose 2:1, you can choose to continue to the next 2 games and try to win both.
    - If you win 2:1, you can either take the $30, or choose to continue to games 4 and 5 for
    the full prize.
    - Pick any race you like any game, but if you pick Random you must say the name of your race
    at the start of the game.
    - You must have been a GBATemp member for at least 6 months, and have at least 30 posts.
    - No smurfing obviously ie. getting someone to play the games for you. After you have won,
    you will be asked to complete a task to ensure that it was you playing.
    - I will happily play practice games against people if i am available but; You must state
    clearly and at a time we both agree on, when you are going to make your actual challenge
    and play the serious games.
    - Any cheating/hacking/exploiting is fairly obvious to spot and you'll be DQ'd.
    - You get 2 chances to challenge. Once you've used both of them, that's it no more.

    Once someone has made a challenge the replays of the game will be posted in here for everyone
    to watch. Maybe even some commentary and youtube vids if there's particularly good games and
    enough interest.

    5. Conclusion

    The competition will run for 2 weeks, maybe extending if i feel like it, if someone claims the prize it's over!
    The prize will paid in Alertpay. Depending on interest future tournaments may be run between members,
    maybe a 2v2 challenge or maybe other things i have in mind which will also have prizes. The
    main goal is to just have people playing the game and having fun. Keep in mind you
    definitely have a chance here; I'm not a particularly strong 1v1 player and have never
    practiced or laddered very hard, i simply play as i go along and strategize on the fly.
    Anyone will a bit of skill can practice and beat me within a month.

    Feel free to use this thread to organize games between yourselves and practice sessions or
    anything Starcraft related posting as well as the challenge itself. It's a great game guys, get
    past the sprite graphics and realize how incredibly deep the gameplay and strategy is that is
    required to play this, as well as speed and the twitch gaming aspect. To hype you up here's
    a long highlights video of a recent season of Starcraft:

    Good luck, have fun!
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    Feb 14, 2008
    Great initiative, I really hope this will get response.

    As for me, I never really played the game competitively. Had build orders and some general strategies along with a 200-something APM 3-4 years ago though, but haven't played since then.

    While I don't want to compete for the prize I might be up for some random games some day when I have time.
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    Hell. It's cold.
    I love Brood war! But sadly I stink at fighting others. That's why I live in the Special Forces maps. But This sounds really interesting, I'll try and see If I can get some of my friends to fight ya. No promises though...
  4. iNFiNiTY

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    To be honest with 200 apm you might be able to beat me mechanics alone regardless of modern build orders. Maybe the challenge would then switch to 'winner stays on' [​IMG] But i was more hoping to get some new guys into the game and playing with some incentive. Trust me guys all you have to do is watch a few games, copy what they do and click as fast as possible. General tips for beginners:

    1. Never stop building workers/supply for Protoss/Terran. Just don't stop ( unless you got a plan which involves less workers specifically). Even when it looks too crowded you can transfer them later.

    2. Always be producing units, your barracks or gateways should be in constant use and NEVER queue up more than 2 units in a building. If all your production buildings are going and you still stockpile resources then build more production facilities. For Zerg it means more hatcheries.]

    3. As a new player focus more on macro than micro. IE: don't spend your time cleverly killing a single zealot with 3 marines without getting hurt if you stockpile 1000 minerals in the process.

    4. And what ties into all 3, keep your resources low at all times. Just spend all of your money and focus on nothing else at first. You have a chance of winning solely by out-producing if you play like this. Once you are adapt at this aspect then you work on scouting, advanced micro, map specific strategies, smart unusual build orders etc.

    This is the basic idea of each matchup just so you go into the game with some kind of aim:

    Terran vs Protoss: You go mechanic, this means you build mostly factory units. vultures/tanks/goliaths and upgrades
    Terran vs Zerg: Bionic, this means the opposite. You got medic/marine with tank support.
    Terran vs Terran: You go mechanic, and use dropships for mobility.
    Protoss vs Terran: You have a mixture of ground units, then lategame you choose either arbiters or carriers.
    Protoss vs Zerg: You have a general mixture of ground units, plus usually corsairs for air support.
    Protoss vs Protoss: You have dragoons and some zealots then make a choice of tech: reavers or templars.
    Zerg vs Terran: You go early mutalisk or lurker to hold them until lategame.
    Zerg vs Protoss: You go early mutalisk, hydra or lurker.
    Zerg vs Zerg: You get zerglings/mutalisk and that's all throughout the game, it's decided between micro of those 2 units.

    None of this is set in stone of course. The magic of Starcraft means that almost any unit has some use if you have the skill to pull it off. Even right now the proscene still manages to find uses for units that are uncommonly used. But just for now think of this as what the standard overall strategy is in each matchup.
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    Good luck with everything, I havn't touched SC:BW in such a long time and after playing SC2 it's hard to go back. Waiting for some epic replays...
  6. iNFiNiTY

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