StarBucks Catch 22 also a question about the Ambassador status

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    Sep 22, 2011
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    So I ended up getting an ambassador 3ds, zelda, and a PP+, got it all offa ebay at a stupid cheap price, cheaper then if I bought everything new that's for sure.

    But I've discovered an issue, that I'm wondering if anyone has any insight to it seeing as the nice tech people at Nintendo had NO clue; I don't have wifi at home, so I go to Starbucks during the day, the local Starbucks is listed as a a 3ds hot-spot on the Nintendo website, so when I packed up today to leave I figured why not and decided that I was gonna grab my NES games while I was out. have many error screens, an about 30 minute phone call to tech support, and a mild feeling of frustration. The basic final conclusion? Because of Starbucks ToS that you have to agree to before actually getting fully online I can't get a connection, and because I can't get a connection I can't agree to the ToS. The closets BestBuy ( Tech dude said that would be my best bet) is several miles away, as are my friends with wifi, and with no car....well you see the issue.

    I'm running on 2.1.0, and have no idea what to do. Any ideas? Or am I currently SOL when it comes to getting online for the moment?

    As for my Question about the Ambassador issue. I want to format the system memory, because everything is still registered to the previous owner, however, will that kill the systems eligibility for the ambassador program? Forgive me if its a silly question, but ...I wanna know before I screw something up.
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    you are certainly SOL for wifi, just get a router.
    If you format the system memory, it's believed that you lose your eligibility, but one guy did it and didn't lose a thing so I don't know, you can take the risk if you want.
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    You have to accept the starbucks terms of use through the browser before you can download anything or use the eshop.

    It is also like that at most barnes & nobles that give free wifi.

    You might have to also make a connection profile on your 3DS for the starbucks.
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    walk around ur neighborhood looking for unsecured wifi. also doesn't mcdonalds still have free wifi. back in the day when mario kard ds first hit my friends and i use to go there and play online for hrs.
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    yea i just had the same thing last night with my college wifi. all you have to do is use the browser, go to any website like and it should redirect you
  6. gumgod

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    I've downloaded things off public wifi with similar experiences twice now. Set up your connection as normal. It will fail the test because it sees the access point but doesn't see the internet. Close out of the connection wizard, open your browser and it will find the access point and try to connect. Now try to go to, (as stated by the previous poster) and you should be re-directed to some authentication page. Accept whatever BS agreement they have and press home (do not power off the 3DS and do not close the web browser) open the e-shop and it should connect.
  7. loco365

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    I have the same issue at my school. What I do is add the hotspot to the Wifi settings, and then opt out of doing a connection test. Go to the main menu and access the browser, and it should allow you to connect. Accept, then quickly go to the eShop so you maintain a connection. You should be able to access the shop before the connection times out.
  8. duffmmann

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    Go to a McDonalds, they all have wifi, and your 3DS can connect to them, thats where I downloaded my ambassador games when I moved and no longer had wifi.