Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Starts September

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    Star Wars: The Old Republic will open "Beta Test Weekends" starting this September, BioWare has announced.

    Hopeful players can register for the Beta sessions on More information will be made available by the publisher EA throughout summer.

    BioWare co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka adds that the studio is "targeting Star Wars: The Old Republic to be one of the biggest launches in the 2nd half of 2011". This confirms their much discussed plans over whether the game was to be released this year.

    Pre-orders for the game began today, according to the official EA website which has also confirmed the pre-order contents available with the game.

    It is thought BioWare will announce the official release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic during this year's Comic-Con.[/p]


    TL;DR The beta for The Old Republic begins in September and if you feel like getting in on the action then you can click on the link above and sign yourself up to get into the beta.

    I've signed up but Star Wars games don't really interest me anymore. Don't know why, even though I've heard off many people that this and previous titles are [supposed] to be very good.
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    I love Star Wars even now, but dont feel like trying The Old Republic, since I can't lol. Wasn't this an XBOX 360 game? Looks like an online MMO.
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    Its for pcs only..mmo...I signed up but i never make it into any of the betas for anything...i hope i do for this one though,