1. Lilio

    OP Lilio Member

    Jul 31, 2018
    Hi guys,
    I just recenntly started using homebrew with SaveMii Mod on my Wii U to make some grinding in games shorter.
    The first game I tried is Star Fox Guard. I have not seen any save editor for this one yet and I am not planning on making one myself, but I did found out the offsets where the values for you're Rank and overall metals are stored.
    So here are the offsets:
    Rank: 16053
    Metals: 16056-16057 (maybe more but changing those two bytes to a large enough number should be more than enough to get you to Rank 50).

    Notes that are worth reading:
    *When I changed the Rank alone by 1, I did unlocked the reward from it (an Extra Stage), but strangely it did not changed my actual Rank.
    *When I changed the number of Metals I had, my Rank did increased, but guess what?! I didn't unlocked the rewards from any of the unlocked Ranks until I played a stage.
    *TO MAKE THE PREVIOUS POINT SHORT: Change the number of Metals you have to a high enough number and you'll Rank up, then beat any stage and unlock all the rewards from those Ranks.
    *When I say high enough, I mean don't be greedy I don't know how to game will react to a too large number, I had 20535 Metals (50 37 in hex) and it was enough to Rank 42.
    *The Metals are not used for anything other than you Rank, and are not even displayed on screen. So once you are at Rank 50 you really don't need anymore of them.
    *The grind in this game can be super boring and not cool, so, have fun! (to whoever play this game nowadays...:)
  2. RedRose30

    RedRose30 GBAtemp Fan

    Jul 14, 2016
    United States
    I want to be able to do this. I just got this game and I want to 100% it. This would be a great help.

    But first I just want to know this. Are there online missions that need to be completed? Under symbols it says to “defeat a friend’s or family member’s squad.” I’m assuming this is an online thing only. I was lookin for a 100% save on the wii u saves thread since I don’t know how much longer the wii u internet is going to be up.
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