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May 23, 2007
Our phone system lets callers self direct themselves to our different departments or if they aren't sure, they can choose customer service. And it even gives descriptions of the departments like "press 1 for electronics for questions on ink, toner, and electronic machines". I get this genius:

*Phone system announces that office supplies has a call
Me: Office supplies, ******** speaking.
Guy: Yes, do you carry the HP 3540 printer?
Me: I don't know, let me put you through to electronics.
Guy: Well why can't you tell me?
Me: Because I don't know and it's not my department.
Guy: Well I don't want to hold again.
Me: I'm sorry, but you picked office supplies. You want electronics.
Guy: You should answer my question.
Me: I would gladly answer your question if it concerned paper or pens. But it doesn't.
Guy: Well, you should know what you carry at least.
Me: I'm going to put you on hold for electronics.
Guy: I'm not holding again!
*I put him on hold for electronics. Later the electronics guy comes over to me and asked what I said to the man because he was furious and was even more so when he asked if we had any instock and he told him he was going to put him on hold to check if there was and he was mad because he didn't want to hold again. And kept yelling about how I wasn't even fit to clean the parking lot.

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