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June 13, 2007
*A woman buys a leather chair and takes it home. She then returns with the chair.
Lady: This chair smells.
Me: That's the smell of real leather.
Lady: Do you have any chairs that don't smell?
Me: Only the fake leather and fabric chairs.
Lady: But I want real leather.
Me: Then it will smell like real leather.
Lady: But I don't want it to smell.
Me: Then you have to get fake leather or fabric.
*The lady then spends 30 minutes smelling our display chairs to find the one that smells the least.

*I love how people don't understand what a FedEx drop box is. I saw that 4 large boxes (each half the size of the dropbox) had been left next to our drop box. I don't know how the person on the register didn't see this person drop these boxes off but still. What part of drop box do they not understand? The problem is that FedEx won't take them. They sometimes take small packages that just barely don't fit in the drop box, but these giants are going to sit there until the person comes back to complain that the packages haven't shipped yet.

Man on phone: Do you carry the Sanford No Blot Pen .7 something something?
Me: No.
Man: Well, I'm on the Sanford website and they list you as a seller of Sanford products.
Me: Yes, we carry some Sanford products but we can't carry everything of each company we carry because our store would be huge.
Man: But it says you carry this product.
Me: No, it says we carry Sanford products.
Man: Why not this item?
Me: Because we only have so much space alloted for Sanford products and we carry the items with the most call.
Man: But if you get those items, surely you can order me this pen.
Me: No, we have no control on what we carry or are sent at this store. It's all done by corporate.
Man: Fine, I'll go somewhere else then.
Me: Have a nice day.

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