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    Jan 28, 2008
    This question probably has been asked, but thats with another setup. I have a WiiKey 1.9g (Presume so, because it DID play SMG)

    I dl'ed a copy of SSBB( Super Smash Broters, off BT (Super Smash Bros Brawl [NTSC To PAL] [Wii] [DVD 5] [Scrubbed] [TorrentMas.Com])
    It is a DVD5 (Single Layer ISO)

    Current Wii Version (3.1E)

    -Applied WiiBrickBlocker
    -RegionFrii said PAL (patched, gamecode mismatch, but i have heard thats normal)

    Burned with ImgBurn (no layer break, not necessary for DVD5?)

    Put it into the Wii, it loaded the icon and stuff.
    Went to play, black screen. Wiimote turned off.

    I have read about the switching to 50Hz, also tried 60hz, to no avail.

    Then applied the 3.2E update.

    I then got a few more "Unable To Read Disc" errors. But still can get it to load icons and stuff. Other backups still work (Lego Star Wars)

    I eventually figured out hot to not get that error (leave it on the Health + Safety screen for a little)

    At this point, SMG now says Error 001 "Unauthorized Device" bla blah

    SSBB still acts the same.

    (EDIT: I now know that the new Wii update signed the death warrant. The 'update-of-death' version "IOS37" fixes the exploit that allows Trucha Exploit to run. That means no more Patching/brickblocking/region changing. But i should be abel to use freeloader or inbuilt Wiikey region fixes)

    Please help. I have looked all over the net