SSBB SSE complete 98% - what am I missing?

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    I have unlocked all the characters, so if what you think is a part of unlocking a character that's not what I'm missing.

    I have not found something in the following four areas:

    The Plains
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    Battleship Halberd Exterior
    Subspace Bomb Factory (the lower one on the map)

    I have played each stage several times, fallen down every pit that seems likely a secret area and still haven't completed all these yet. In the Plains I have already been to the area that you're underground and need to do a combination of wall jumps, double jumps and specials to get up to the room that's full of blocks, so that's not what I'm missing.

    I know it's rather broad, but if anyone can think of anything that I might be missing from those four stages I'd really appreciate it.

    This is my first SSB experience, and I'm liking it, although I'm sometimes frustrated by the way the character can't just easily turn around instead of dashing the other way. I find myself walking over a power up several times before I finally stop on the damn thing to pick it up, usually by then it's too late. Same thing with enemies being right on top of you and you can't seem to get the right distance from them to attack but they can still hurt you. Frustrating, but nonetheless a satisfying game so far (yes I've played classic, but I get murdered by any experienced human opponent).
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    There is a decent guide on GameFAQ's for the Subspace Emissary found here:

    I agree with you that the regular brawl controls can be frustrating in the adventure mode. On a whole I found it to be fun but it dragged on a bit by the end. Either way it is a more enjoyable way to unlock all the characters than spamming 450 Vs matches.