Hardware SSBB singleplayer lockup


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May 23, 2008
United States
I have played through ~53% of the single player mode flawlessly, just until i beat a certain stage. It says something about ejecting and read my manual etc.

The game has never done this before until I beat that stage; VS mode works fine, even after restarting the Wii. When I go back to try the single player mode, it even brings me back to my latest save (only about 2-3 stages behind till I get to the battle that makes me lock up).

Nothing seems to be wrong, unless I try to play further ahead in the storymode.

I used Verbatim DVD+R DL discs, burned at 2.4x, and with the appropriate layer break code in imgburn. original NTSC iso on up-to-date USA Wii with d2pro

Has anyone experienced this? What do I need to diagnose this?

UPDATE:It seems like it will say the eject disc error screen occasionally even when I just put it in, ejecting and retrying seems to 'fix' it. I've tried 2 new CDs, all with the very occasional error screen and in turn gets 'fixed' by ejecting and retrying. My other games are working fine
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