SSBB prompting for system update when already done years ago.

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    Okay, have had my Wii since launch and always kept it up to date with every system update throughout its lifespan. I do also have it softmodded with HBC.

    Now here is the weird thing, all of the sudden my Super Smash Bros Brawl disc is asking me to do a system update when I put it in anymore. Have never had that happen before and definitely wasn't doing it when I last played Brawl a few months ago. Nothing has changed on my Wii in that time period. And no other disc I own asks to do this either.

    Anyone know why this is happening and should I just ignore it and let it do this "update" even though it already is up to date with latest system software and shop channel?
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    Most likely not a system update of course but to avoid this use priiloader to block disc channel updates, if you do not have priiloader install install it as it is helpful. also if you wanna update the wiishop channel just download the v21 wad update and install it through multimod manager.
    And if your wii is not 4.3 then use ModMii to update it.