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    Oct 23, 2008
    Hi I have a little problem while booting super smash bros brawl with the latest version of usb loader gx,
    I press the disc in usb loader and the screen goes blue instantly at first I thought it had frozen but after waiting a while the music from the intro started to play and afters just pressing around on different places trying to start a game or something the screen went normal.
    The blue color it has is the normal color for the tv when theres no video input.
    This happens every time I boot the game with this usb loader but is easy fixed by pressing a once to get into the main menu and then pressing left, down, a, left, a and then a again this sets the screen sharpness thing and makes everything normal.

    I have system menu 4.0, my Wii is PAL and SSBB is NTSC (since I bought it before EU release) and this started occurring after the latest update.
    I have tried to change some settings resulting with the game not booting at all or blue screen thing.
    I have not tried turning of ocarina since I am currently trying to make a PSA for Kirby...