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    By Schyzophrenic

    Guess what? It's another Dev-Fr coding competition entry! This time, Schyzophrenic has entered with a homebrew quiz game that allows you to enter your own questions and answers.[title:SpsychoD]In the train I was bored maliciously while returning of my week end in my parents. I look at then around me. What do I see? A girl behind a magazine! Which is you the report/ratio will say to me? The magazine pardi! (and the girl a little also )

    To sail on the current wave of the feminization of the video game, like working actively for the bringing together of the geeks with young people and pretty young ladies of the external world, I developed SpsychoD (pronounce SpsykoD): a simulator of tests!
    Yes, yes, of the tests as in our preferred magazines

    Now you can make tests with several or as a recluse with your small DS! More need for coltiner the large BIBA with full with pub to make the test. Finished insatiable research and the unutterable frustration of the research of the lost pencil!

    Now SpsychoD is there and the life to the extreme will simplify you!

    Imagine, at the edge of the beach, the feet in water and in charming company… You will be able to make the test with two without needing to take along a trunk with you

    Operation is simple: you choose a test, you answer the questions and you read the résutlat! It is all

    To make its lifespan interminable, you have the possibility of creating YOUR own tests. With this intention, it is enough to fill the form, to put it in the repertory “Files” located at the same level as your Romanian and of launching PAFS.bat! And your test is available in the application.

    I hold with remiercier all the chan Dev.-Fr which supported me during the Dev., like my muddy jokes!
    Special thanks goes to:

    - Kukulcan & X-Blaster to have tried to help me on the safeguards (but the problem comes m3)

    - Mollusk for its lib and its good permanent mood!

    - zeblackos to have authorized me to use one of its characters

    - my cousin to have given me her tests Azn

    I do not thank my m3 for his bad management for certain things [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source