Sprite Ripping from Digimon World Championship

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    May 30, 2009
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    After attempting to find some already ripped Digimon World Championship sprites for a personal project (Which I wont go into detail about here) and not yielding any results I decided to give ripping them myself a go. here's what I have so far of Botamon:


    After attempting to rip them directly from the rom using tahaxan and tile molester I've been unable to get anything tangible so I've been simply screenshoting them ingame, disabling the background layer to make it easier to cut out. However, this method is very difficult, firstly I have to get the digimon and wait for it to do each animation without obstruction. This is obviously very time intensive and a real chore especially considering that there are 200+ digimon each with at least 20 or so frames of animation. In addition I am unable to get into a battle or hunt using the only emulator available that easily allows me to pause emulation and disable layers (DeSmuME).

    Basically, I'm asking if anyone can offer me an easier or more direct method of ripping the sprites from the rom, or, bar that, a more feature full emulator, preferably with the option to disable layers and quickly pause and restart emulation, and doesn't crash. Also, any save games which feature hard to get and rare digimon would be especially appreciated.

    Edit: Some more info, from what I can tell each digimon has 8 files associated with it. Four ending with _main and four with _sub. For the _main there's a .nanr (an animation file I believe, although an animation in what respect I'm not sure, does it just stuff like frame order and speed and no actual sprite information?) a .ncbr (No idea what this is) a .ncer (again no idea) and a .nclr (I believe this is a palette). for the _sub there's a .nanr (animation) .ncer (No idea) .ncgr (A graphics file, why isn't there one for main?) and .nclr (Palette again). I have no idea how to use these files, I'd be happy to upload a set if needed.

    Thanks for reading.