Spotting a fake microsd card?

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  1. adgloride

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    Apr 2, 2003
    I recieved a kingston 1gb microsd card today from a seller on amazon. The packaging and everything looked like kingston and the card was made in taiwan. I've been using the card for about 6 hours and all the files on it just vanished. Neither of my SD readers will read it now. I have looked on the internet and I found a verification site to see if the card was real or not. The only thing was it was all in chinese. Anyone got any pictures of what a real one should look like or a link to a verification site in english?
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    Oct 7, 2006
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    my brother borrowed my camera so cant take any good pictures but will replace the current ones soon as i get the camera back.

    1. the kingston taiwan comes in a case opposite from the japan model taiwan model comes in a case where the microsd card is to the right and adapter is to the left.

    2. taiwan model has printed letters on the back (where contacts are). heres what mine says

    3. if you look at the back where the contacts are and use the light you can see the micro circuitry on the card. (no black square like sandisk or other cards)

    4. matte finish on the front, and shiny finish on the back
    hope the pictures help, will replace with better ones asap.
  3. adgloride

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    Apr 2, 2003
    Mine looks exactly the same so it must be real. Thanks for the pics. When I get it replaced I'll see that I either get a japanese replacement or a sandisk. I don't trust the taiwan kingstons anymore.
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    Sep 19, 2005
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    I just ordered a card exactly the same as yours from last week and it arrived on weds this week... (although the picture on their website had japan on it, the one shipped to me says Taiwan).

    my packaging was exactly the same as yours, the card, the reader, the package labels...everything!

    this first thing I did was format it - and the formatting kept stopping in random locations. so I switched readers (although, I have never had problems with this reader on my 512mb Kingston microsd or my 2gb sandisk microsd). the same thing happened...

    so I switched to a third card reader (the one that came with my R4DS). and had no problems. but, the reason why i don't use the R4DS's reader is because it is incredibly slow!!!

    After finally getting a correct format, I tried copying files over to the card. Most of the files copied OK, but some of the smaller files such as "global.ini" (and other "*.ini" files prompted me with a windows "disk error. cancel or retry" type of prompt. I did a retry and everything worked correctly.

    granted, on this 1gb Kingston microsd card, i had put less than 100mb on it... this includes a few mp3 and a game or two. I hit F5 to refresh the directory listing and half the files that I had just put on the card were missing.

    either I just got a bad card - or the Taiwan cards to just too slow to deal with real world USB 2.0 devices.

    I'm getting the following speeds from it - no matter how it is formatted (fat16 or fat32).
    random access: 4.2ms
    average read: 3.5MB/s

    good speeds to work with SuperCard DS are
    random access: 1.9ms ..or less
    average read: 4.1MB/s ...or higher

    needless to say, this card is going back to Kingston:

    btw, judging by your photos, your card also looks genuine.
  5. Wanque

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    Sep 20, 2005
    I got a bootleg SD card through ebay. Looked exactly like a real one, but when closely examined, the label wasn't quite right.

    It worked... for most of the time. But had a habit of suddenly losing data.
  6. Bali

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    Nov 10, 2002
    From what I hear Kingston makes their micro sd cards in china, japan and taiwan. The production method they use for the cards are the same as samsung uses for their micro sd cards. I think all of them get branded afterwards, but that's besides the point here.
    I recently had a chinese Kingston micro sd and it has silver sticker on the back of it with chinese text on it that states it's an official Kingston product. So look out for that on newer kingston cards.