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    Jun 22, 2008
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    May 29, 2008
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    Did it say if it was going to be the full Spore Expierience or not? Just the creature part?
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    From IGN's preview:

    "Instead of taking a creature from the primeval soup all the way to the stars, Spore Creatures give players control over one character in a linear journey across a single planet. Much like the corresponding mode in the full fat version, gameplay centres around forming partnerships with some species and taking down more hostile species. The DS deals with this in its own distinctive fashion – blows are administered to foes with a slash on the touch screen, while befriending other animals occurs through a rhythm-based mini-game.

    The action plays out much like an action RPG – starting small and humble, over time and through the completion of tasks new abilities and body parts are unlocked that can be implemented in the Creature Editor screen. Again, don't expect all the bells and whistles of the PC's procedural animation system – however, in it's place there is a more than competent suite of options. Body parts can be dragged to the desired location, and there is more than enough room for a little creativity and subsequently scope for a whole world of character.

    Evolution of the player character looks to be largely dictated by certain tasks – at one point we came across an insurmountable body of water and were required to attain and employ more amphibian attributes to our Spore. This more focused approach gives the game more than a whiff of the Zeldas, which of course is no bad thing.

    Every one of the species encountered are backed up with the game's own Sporepedia – a pocket-sized tome in comparison to the PC version's colossal affair, but nevertheless imbued with no end of charm and serving to fill out the experience. This is all backed up by a hearty hand of multiplayer options, with the capacity to share creatures with other DSs.

    All in all, Spore Creatures is a very handsome package and was a pleasant surprise – unique and adept, it will serve as both an accompaniment to the main Spore experience as well as providing the DS with an exceptionally polished action adventure. We look forward to having an extended look some point in the near future."

    Probably the next best thing that DS owners can hope for considering its power.
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    This has been announced for a few months already, the full name is Spore Creatures and it seems to be focused on the creature part of Spore, there is a creature editor (of course) and a few other stuff.

    Not nearly close to the full Spore experience but it should be a pretty good game regardless.
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    Feb 2, 2008
    Hopefully it will be a good game.. Looks and sounds interesting but hopefully it will be good.. You have heard of games sounding good but turning out to be really bad.. But by the sounds of this game It will be the next Animal Crossing for DS
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    I cannot stress this enough, all games by EA suck. No matter how good the preview may look, the game will sucks.
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    I think it will suck, but will still download it.
    I love the concept, but the fact that it's made by EA ruins it a bit for me :/
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    So this one isn't being made by Will?
    lol the creatures look like they are made of paper like in some cartoons