Spoofed 5.5 Still asking to Update FW after Game Update... HELP

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    Dec 11, 2010
    United States
    So trying to update my DISC:
    Mario Maker USA
    Super Smash Bros. USA

    Ive done it before just fine, but with these latest game updates, I am stuck
    Unable to verify the current versions of game update for each game
    So far ive tried:
    Mario Maker USA ? v96 ? 189mb
    Smash Bros USA? v160? 1.71gb
    Download with nusgrabber.exe via CMD

    After each update insatll, (waiting a hour) I load disc and still prompts for system upadte.
    Any help of what step im missing would be appreciated.
    Loadiine works fine for other games not disc (via MiiMaker)