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    EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a Windows software that allows you to migrate the data of your games, apps and more, from one PC to another. If you’re planning on replacing your old PC with a brand-new one but are concerned about losing your valuable data and hours of game save files, this might be the tool you’re looking for. Let’s take a look!

    So you’ve finally decided to ditch that Windows 7 (or dare I say, Windows XP) PC of yours and upgrade to Windows 10? Good for you! But, when it comes to years and years of saved data accumulated on that old PC of yours, it’s not just nostalgia that’s keeping you hooked to the old machine. Aside from a load of documents, games, apps, their particular configurations that you set up to your liking might be at stake. EaseUS Todo PCTrans presents itself as an adequate solution to those worries.

    PC to PC.JPG

    This software does exactly what you would need in this situation: transfer apps, pictures, videos, games and browser (bookmarks) from an old Windows OS to a new one via a network (both PCs have to be connected to the same LAN network) or an image file. No need to re-download the apps, EaseUS Todo PCTrans will transfer your selected files with all of your preferred configurations. There’s also a handy feature to migrate apps locally, from one disk to another on the same computer and can prove to be useful if you’re using a separate SSD for storage. Best of all, the whole process is very user-friendly with no risk of damaging your files and is a recommended option if you’re wary about tampering with your precious files.

    PC to PC.JPG image transfer.JPG cleanup.JPG

    There are different tiers of the EaseUS Todo PCTrans that offer different options. The free version only transfers a maximum of 500 MB of data and 2 applications. The Pro version, priced at $49.95 at the time of writing, gives you a license to use the tool on 2 PCs, transfer unlimited data and applications between your old and new PC. There is also a technician version that gives you multiple licenses and a few more perks but is directed more towards businesses.


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