(Spoilers) Hey! Pikmin's 'story'

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    For those that have played it, does anyone else think it's a re-telling of the first game?
    For one, it starts the same with the meteorite hitting the ship and there are a lot of inconsistencies regarding what Olimar should know and things such as the enemy sizes.
    Take the Fiery Blowhog for instance. Not only is the thing beyond huge but here's a comparison between games regarding Olimar's knowledge about the beast.

    Pikmin 1's 'Reel Notes':
    "This creature expels a combustible phosphor that ignites at moderate temperatures."

    Excerpt from Pikmin 2's Olimar notes:
    "This creature expels a volatile phosphorous compound from its snout that combusts upon contact with air. This fire-breathing ability is dependent upon the air-to-fuel ratio at its mouth, catalyst reaction within the expelled compound, and purification of the compound."

    Excerpt from Hey! Pikmin's notes:
    "The method by which they produce this flame is very interesting and took a lot of analysis between me and the S.S. Dolphin II to figure out"

    We can see in Pikmin 1 and 2 that Olimar has figured out and detailed by Pikmin 2 how the beast breaths fire and in Hey! Pikmin he seems to have just figured it out with his ship's on-board computer.

    What do you guys think?
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