Splitters for headphones/mics

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  1. DarkCrudus

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    im tryin to figure out if they make something like this.. idk how to really explain it so ill use picture things.. haha
  2. nicky041192

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    Mar 9, 2008
    headphone splitter with a normal 3.5jack output....
    the input jacks are 1mic and 1 3.5 for headphones?

    if thats what you meant, you will have to get a special jack output that allows mics.
  3. outgum

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    do you mean something like this?
    But Obviously the Outputs varying in size?

    I know what you mean though,
    You start with a Mic Input (Male End) And have a splitter with a Female Entry, So basically the mic input, the long end , plugging into a Female port, being the open end, like human production parts [​IMG]

    So the Female Splitters outputs are; One being headphones, and one being Mic, Resulting in the original Mic Input ending in a double input, one for mic and one for headphones

    Also you could get the reverse, A normal mic sized input in the end (the one that goes into the device you want to use it one) And THAT having two outputs, one being headphone and one being mic?
    I think these are the more common ones