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    ^^^^^ There's a gameplay video I recorded of it.
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    Thanks for the news Gaisuto, others the people who made this (black rock studios) did also make Pure and a couple of MotoGP games a few years back so I would not outright dismiss it courtesy of the disney name. It looks ambitious so I am going to hold back and shall see the impressions it gets before trying it out.
    On the flip side it looks like splitscreen might happen and that has been missed from current gen games for some reason.

  3. Neko

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    Liked the demo so I went and DL'd this.
    Nearly finished burning it.
    Hope it has got splitscreen. [​IMG]


    I can confirm that this game has splitscreen.
    Don't know if it's 2 or 4 player splitscreen though, I think it's 2 player only.
  4. quepaso

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    Controls aren't very responsive, and i blow up cars left/right and still cant get first place. Not a very good game imo. After Burnout Paradise, going to controls as slugish as this is just nearly impossible. Heck, Sonic Racing blows this thing away.

    Good graphics tho..
  5. Gaisuto

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    The controls take a while to get used to, sure. And just because it's hard doesn't mean it sucks.
    I wasen't winning races immedietly, yet I was still in first place overall because I was atleast usually in the Top 4, winning occasionally.

    Now I can almost win every single time on the harder events. It just takes practice. Game does not suck, you do. No offense.
  6. Joe88

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    Jan 6, 2008
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    played the demo a week ago
    controls were really bad as were car handling

    I will be skipping this
  7. PanzerWF

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    Demo made me doubt how good this game was, so I'm gonna save my time and not get this.
  8. pitoui

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    Honestly you guys must suck badly.

    Yes, the controls do take getting used to. Though honestly it only took a couple of races to get to grasp with it.

    In my opinion this game is quite good, not great but good. It really is fun trying to dodge the barrels/powerplays etc that the other racers throw at you.
    I was playing today and my older brother (who is 28) was having a great time watching me. Although he was half out of it on cold and flu tablets lol.

    Definitely worth a download/rent.

    Bring on Blur!