Splinter Cell Trilogy and Prince of Persia HD Hinted for PS3

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Rock Raiyu, Aug 8, 2010.

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  2. Maz7006

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    Aug 2, 2008
    Warrior Within in HD ... [​IMG]

    the best POP in my opinion, heck i could go for some Sands of time as well !

    Also i could go for that Splinter Cell trilogy (yes i never played ANY of the games) i know that is sad.

    i will defiantly pick up one of the two for sure.
  3. Hadrian

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    Ubisoft could do well if they released other gems from that era like XIII & Beyond Good & Evil. Surprised they haven't thought of a Rayman trilogy too, those first three games were golden.
  4. Cablephish

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    Apr 23, 2008
    Aw man, I remember when I played XIII, it came free with a graphics card, and I played it all the time, even though I was like, 14.

    That game was my first real experience with online shooters, I'll never forget it.
  5. TrolleyDave

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    Loved XIII, still played it alot til I sold my Gamecube. I wish they'd get off their asses and finally do the follow up. It was a less than satisfying end sequence until they do.
  6. Guild McCommunist

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    Unfortunately for Ubisoft, like most publishers, they're only sticking with what's popular in today's crowd of dumbfucks. XIII and BG&E all got pretty good reception (BG&E more so than XIII) but they didn't sell all too well. Splinter Cell Conviction on the other hand sold over a million copies, so now they're gonna bring back the other Splinter Cells so everyone who bought Conviction and didn't know two shits about Splinter Cell beforehand will buy it, as well as the bunch of people who actually liked the older Splinter Cell. And Prince of Persia just got that movie out there so it's a little more popularized. Plus all these compilations are cheap to make. Simply port over the older games with some slightly better graphics and a few minor extras and bam, instant money maker.

    It seems like Rayman is going out of style. Not that it's bad it's just that it won't sell to the aforementioned dumbfuck crowd. Not to mention having 1,000 shitty ports doesn't help make him look any better. A Rayman trilogy would only sell to the people who remembered how good it was originally and not any of these new crowds. Rayman's also going the way of other great platforming icons and is slowly disappearing. Crash, Spyro, Klonoa, all are dropping off the map, which sucks since the first three Crash and Spyro games were amazing and Door to Phantomile (the Wii remake of the original Klonoa) was also amazing.