Splatterhouse & More PC Engine Game for VC Console

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    Though I always preferred Splatterhouse Wanpaku Grafiti on the NES (kinda like a kid version) this game has quite a bit of following and is quite gruesome.

    This text is from siliconera.com
    "A couple of extra TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine games coming to the Wii Virtual Console next month. Japan gets: Syubibin Man, Fire Pro Wrestling: Combination Tag, Double Dungeons and Galaga ’88. North America and Europe are also getting Double Dungeons and they are getting Splatterhouse. Double Dungeons isn’t exactly exciting news, it’s a basic first person RPG where you explore 22 dungeons collecting gold and fighting monsters. It might temporarily quell the desire for RPGs on the Wii Virtual Console, but not for very long. Splatterhouse is a little bit of a surprise. After three games, Namco Bandai put their ultraviolent Friday the 13th inspired beat-em up to rest. The game has Rick explore a haunted house carrying weapons like a 2×4 that slams poltergeists into the background. Galaga ‘88 (aka Galaga ’90 outside of Japan) is a remake of the classic shoot ‘em up Galaga where the enemies have new attack patterns and lets players rescue two captured ships during boss fights to make one super outer space shooting machine. Since Galaga ’90 has appeared on arcade compilations it is probably going to appear on the Virtual Console in other regions sometime in the future."