Spirits DS - Alpha 1 - 2007.08.01

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    Spirits DS - Alpha 1 - 2007.08.01

    Port of the original MSX game

    NightFox has released alpha 1 of his port of the MSX game 'Spirits' to the Nintendo DS. You can play the game with either the original graphics or in a brand new updated graphics mode.[title:Spirits DS Alpha 1]Hi!

    Here comes the first Alpha


    - Now you can play in 2 modes, with "original" or "new" graphics.

    - Animation for player (walk one)

    - Animation for enemies

    - You can open all doors

    - You can walk arround whole first castle

    - All enemies on 1st castle are set-up

    - You can change map on bottom screen

    - You can move map on bottom screen

    - Enjoy

    My pixel artist and musician are temporaly M.I.A. (Missing in action, i'll kill them when they come back) soo i'll concentrate for now on game engine and original mode, using the graphics and sound ripped from msx version.


    Fox[​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source