Spielberg To Work On Exclusive Wii Title

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    "EA and Spielberg formed a partnership last year with the intention of creating dazzlingly amazing story-focused games. Since the deal was announced, EA has been very tight lipped until now...

    Speaking to GameDaily, Young was asked about the deal EA and Spielberg struck last year. Nothing's been released officially about the deal or games, but that didn't stop Young dropping a few hints.

    He said, "I can't really share any game details, but recall our original announcements was for three projects. Well, two of those are underway right now in the studio.

    "The first one, what I can tell you is what you'd expect, sort of, from a Steven Spielberg production. Steven's stories are intimate stories that take place around huge, world-changing events... sort of, big stories shown through the eyes of a small group. Doug Church is producing it...

    "The second project is something Lou Castle is producing, one of the great producers in this industry, and that's one of the products we're building for the Wii. Very exciting and interesting..."

    Apparently Spielberg's in the LA studio once a week and he's a joy to work with."

    Dunno what to make of this, but Spielberg does do great set pieces and great stories so definetly not a bad thing, but erm EA? Now I dont think EA are as bad as most people make them out to be (Vivendi and THQ are way shitter) but most stuff they do based on anything related to film...well sucks!