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    Nov 15, 2018
    No Stan Lee
    Quentin Baker said that he came from a parallel universe, but it was all lies.
    He was an employee of Stark Industries and developed holographic image projection technology.
    Then he was fired by Iron Man and wanted to retaliate against Iron Man.
    He deceived Nick Frey, whose elemental enemy was holographic projection.
    Iron Man's Eyeglasses for Spiderman to Control the Army of UAVs
    He tricked the glasses from Spider-Man
    MJ knows Spider-Man's Identity
    MJ and Spider-Man accidentally picked up the projector that played the enemy of elements and learned the truth.
    Quentin Baker disguises Nick Frey with a holographic projection, deceives Spider-Man, tells his classmates who know the truth, and prepares to kill them with UAVs.
    Spider-Man killed Quentin Baker and took back his glasses

    Quentin Baker left a holographic projection in advance to falsify Spider-Man as a villain to audiences around the world, and announced Spider-Man's Identity.

    Nick Frey was disguised by the Sculus
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