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    Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is a thrilling action-packed adventure set in four dramatically different universes from legendary Spider-Man lore, each with a distinct Spider-Man armed with unique skills and strengths, in one original storyline. Players will be transported to new locations never before seen in a Spider-Man game, from lush jungles and dusty deserts to various urban terrains. Acclaimed comic book writer Dan Slott takes players on a mission to contain the magical energy of the Tablet of Order and Chaos, which has been shattered and sent hurtling across parallel universes, and battle fan-favorite villains in a quest to restore the fabric of reality.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Region: Free!
    FileName: cpx-ssd
    FileCount: 65x100MB
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    Hmm many of the previous spiderman games have been quite passable and now we are quite late in the day this has serious potential. I do also like alternative universe type stories.

    I am however playing through old games (not new years resolution sort of thing but heading that way) right now so I am not sure if this will be enough to break me of it. On the other hand it is not like there is much until dead rising 2 so I might have a little look see before then.
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    I played the other spiderman games and they were enjoyable enough and this looks pretty good from the trailers I've seen, so I'm probably going to give it a try. Least I don't have to waste dual layers these days. Although it'll have to wait for a bit as I'm playing metroid now, then I've got ratchet and clank and resistance 2 to play.
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    Not bad.

    Something to do before Reach arrives

    Worth the dual layer or the HDD space for anyone that's interested.