Spent all day backing up my VHS....

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    I was bored today so I decided to just browse my cupboards for something and what falls out but 6 video tapes that I recorded from Saturday morning TV 14 years ago. So I thought it would be better to back them up. Sadly, I don't have the device where you can connect a VCR to a PC so I did the next best thing. Connected it to a DVD recorder and just recorded it to that. Now I don't know the best way of turning that DVD into an AVI/MPG. What's a recommended way?
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    You will not get fantastic quality going from VHS but the "best" way (for me at least) is to demux it and serve it into and encoder/virtual dub, there are however 5 click kind of programs should you want them.
    This thread has some links for all the requires apps:
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    nero is great for almost all dvd things