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    So, I've often seen people arguing on the age old topic of speed (or rather technicality) vs. soul, and I've got to wonder what are the tempers views on this topic? I mean on one hand, I like music with simple structure and is pleasant and easy on the ears while on the other, I also like insanely fast and hard to play music with a multitude of things going on in the background.

    But people seem to be going for absolutes; some people like to support their favourite musicians by saying stuff like 'Soul is more important, he doesn't need to play so fast". And that seems to be true for fan bases of shitty musicians who justify their favourite musician's lack of skills with an ambiguous term like 'soul' and simultaneously degrading those who prefer to play with speed and technique. While there are many like me who feel that there can be 'soul' and 'emotion' in fast and technical playing.

    When I listen to Prog music, I can feel the musicians' 'soul's as it is quite obvious they put a lot of effort in to write, arrange and record stuff like that instead of simple cookie cutter hard rock that Slash churns out (yeah flame me). You play a certain style music because you enjoy it, so obviously there will be 'soul' in your playing, no? I don't get it when people assert that 'soul' and speed are mutually exclusive. I think you can choose to play fast and have 'soul' and choose to play slow and also have 'soul', music is a creative outlet and every musician definitely injects 'soul' into their music (heck, I'd even say Justin Bieber has 'soul' in his music). In fact, I think a lot of 'soulful' music is not that much soulful, and people are just captivated by the overused trick of bending and vibrato thrown all around.

    What are your thoughts on this?
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