Speed Trap v20110213

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    Speed Trap v20110213

    Speed Trap is a top-down racing game built by NightFox for the DS. It has received an update to v20110213 Final. The object is to complete all the laps before time runs out. Choose between three difficulty levels, 10 cars with custom parameters, and several different tracks. Please note, this game was made using NitroFS, so Homebrew Menu may be needed to play it on certain flashcards.

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    DSi Mode? I WONDER if it works on SudukuHax...
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    i don't think it benefits from dsi-mode, i think he just fixed a bug that didn't allow the homebrew to run when booted into the dsi-mode on the ievo.

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    I not fixed anything (code it's same). Just recompiled with lastest devkitarm lib to people who owns a CycloDs and want to run it on DSi mode can. it's just a compatibility improve to can run in many flashcard as possible.
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    Thanks for clearing that. it works fine on CycloDS and iEvolution.