Speculation. New Elder Scrolls to be rushed in face of Fallout 76 failure.

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by FAST6191, Jan 4, 2019.

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    Fallout 76 has been something of a failure, whether you go by critics, commercial sales, player base or any number of other metrics. The CFO of the company has been fired (though it is likely not to do with that) and stock prices are similarly down.

    With this in mind various industry pundits have been speculating that the new Elder Scrolls game (confirmed as being in progress at least as far back as E3 this year https://gbatemp.net/threads/bethesda-e3-2018-conference-roundup-elder-scrolls-vi-confirmed.507004/ ) might be being rushed to have something this year for Bethesda, though others ponder if it will be a launch title for the next generation of consoles (MS and Sony are both expected to at least announce the PS5 and new xbox this year). While Bethesda are not likely to end up circling the drain just yet their upcoming releases are otherwise the untested Starfield, and they are set to publish Doom Eternal as well as Rage 2 and a couple of Wolfenstein titles.

    As such games have always been quite buggy on launch, and usually it is only after a lot of patches, DLC and community mods that the game really takes off for people, the idea that it will be rushed even more is a cause for concern for many that observe patterns.

    What are your thoughts on all this?
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    I can't imagine Bethesda releases getting much worse, but somehow I'm sure they'd find a way.