[SPECULATION] Bethesda might be what "unlocks" current gen consoles

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    So, thought suddenly occurred to me. Note I'm not extremely knowledgeable in exploits and "hacking", but based on past experiences, I feel I have a slight sense of what is possible under certain circumstances.

    With that said, Fallout 4 allows for people to interact with the player's stats (pipboy) from a phone app. Stats like these are obviously tied down to the save file, which is possibly the most common method of modifying games, and potentially exploiting the console. A quick example I can think of would be SmashStack exploit for the Wii, or that one terrible 007 game needed a save file to exploit the PS2.

    Then there's allowing mods. I'm not at all positive on the potential, considering most of the heavy altering mods for previous bethesda games require a script extender. But yeah... this was just my crazy thought in the shower lol.
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    I highly doubt that Fallout 4 won't filter everything that comes in from the phone. Like, I think there's a 5% chance of them accidentally leaving any useful exploits within the wireless communication from the phone to the game that will allow us to do anything crazy.
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    ms has to authorize what mods can be pushed to the xb1 version, just like most things and thier indie games, etc
    you wont gain access to all mods that the pc has
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    my dad works for nintendo.
    I highly doubt about it... i doubt they will allow someone to make a basic mistake that is present on older consoles...

    if that was the case, why didn't nintendo was stupid enough to leave a hole on nfc reader that we can use to hack the wii u\3ds... i mean.. its a new way off communication.. there should be some holes on it...
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    will most definitely have to be approved etc