SpeccyDS ver 0.2a goes DLDI

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    SpeccyDS ver 0.2a goes DLDI

    ZX Spectrum Emulator

    CraigT Updates his ZX Spectrum Emulator for the DS with major improvement, including DLDI support.


    ver 0.2A
    • Upgraded to libfat, which inludes the DLDI driver.
    • Fixed .z80 loading routine. More .Z80 snapshots will now be accepted.
    • Fixed flag behaviour in DAA instruction to fix problems in Head over Heels.
    • Fixed HALT instruction (again!) to fix crash in Starquake.
    • Implemented a few undocumented instructions.
    • Optomised display routines.
    • Hooked up X and Y buttons.
    • Corrected Sinclair 1 and 2 joystick assignments.

    [​IMG] SpeccyDS ver 0.2

  2. Arm73

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    Mar 4, 2006
    Yeah this emulator rocks.....!
    If the author keeps up with all his hard work then we might end up with a working 128K emulator one day !
    On the plus side save states are working fine with SpeccyDS, and since the author recompiled the source code with devkitpro R20 now even the touch screen seem to be more accurate.
    There is a limit of 250 games per folder otherwise the emulator would crash, so pay attention guys....with speccy games , being so small it's easy to get carried away and pack 400+ games in a folder(like I did).
    The author told me then about this little bug, therefore I created 4 folders with 200+ games in each and it's so funny to go trough them like the old times and discover the odd gem now and then !
  3. xtended2

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    Jan 28, 2006
    hmm... the text file inside the .zip says

    3. Usage

    This archive contains both a .gba.nds and a .nds file. There are many guides available on the internet which explain how to use these files in an emulator or on real hardware.

    Very useful instructions... I guess I have no time to search for those guides. A link would not have taken much space in the text file, or a simple copy/pasted tutorial. Sigh.
  4. Arm73

    Arm73 GBAtemp Addict

    Mar 4, 2006

    What else do you need to know dude ?
    If your cart supports homebrew nds files just copy it over , place the games somewhere on the SD card and run it.
    If the .nds version does not work try the other one, is it that much complicated ?
    Besides, those are left over instructions from previous build, the newest version supports dldi as well.
    Now if you know what this is and you think you need it try asking nicely here.
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