Soylent - anyone here with Experience ?

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    Hi there,
    I have read some newspaper article and some comments that are supposed to be made by normal people who used this stuff (who knows if its true) and I got a European "copy" which I am about to try for the next 2 weeks.

    Now I could like to know if any member of GBATemp ever tried this or was interested about it ?

    It is NOT supposed to be a diet shake or anything but it should completely cover everything the body needs so that there is no need to eat any more so that you have more time for other stuff and don't have to think about "what do I need to eat to get enough nutritions ...."

    I am using one of the 2 different copy products I bought since 2 days now and I have to say that I don't feel hungry at all and there are no headaches like with some diet shakes I tried some time ago.
    The one I am using right now comes in 8 different tastes and as of now all of them actually were delicious (my girlfriend didn't like it as much because of the grainy texture... but I liked it)

    But to be true I am only using this for 2 of 3 meals a day because I still "want" to eat as I feel there is something missing if I cannot chew anything hot the whole day.

    oh yeah I have read the Original Soylent had some bad side effects at least in the beginning because of some ingredients ... the copys I use that were made 2 -3 years after the Original Soylent are supposed to be side effect free (except maybe good ones like loosing weight if your body usually needs more calories than the 2100 that is within one package of the one I currently use)
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    Not used it myself, though I have tried proper full meal replacement bars before (easier to take into the woods/up mountains for long periods than full gear to make more normal meals, and doubly so if you are doing full nothing in-nothing out/full mountain discipline). Equally I have seen several dieticians (as in the people that have actual qualifications on the matter) doubt the non calorific side of soylent specifically, though if they have reformulated as you say then hopefully they sorted those. That such a thing happened in the first place though would make me doubt their scientific approach, similarly that they choose to go for the nutritional supplement rather than the more stringent* food or some flavour of medical standards like some other things in the full meal replacement world.

    *anybody that looks into the US regulation of nutritional supplements would see the (lack of) regulation them as a running joke.

    I like eating/cooking, but at the same time I am not especially attached to the concept (you said hot food but there have been weeks here whether nothing will pass my lips that is hotter than room temperature and equally the act of chewing is nothing I particularly miss). Various people in my life have tried diet and protein powder foods and they almost invariably make me want to gag. Of the few that have been just about palatable then none have seen me sat there thinking "ooh I will have a powder drink rather than dinner".
    I would be quite content to pop a food pill/shake and just have traditional eating as a hobby but this is not the lot I would throw in with.
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