South Sudanese Referendum Taking Place.

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    Beginning Sunday, Jan. 9, the people of Southern Sudan will vote in a referendum on independence. The referendum is part of the 2005 peace agreement between the government of Sudan and southern rebels that ended a civil war that began in 1983. There are two symbols on the referendum ballot — one hand up for"separation" and two clenched hands clenched for "unity." The voters are expected to choose separation, an option the government says it will accept. The independent Southern Sudan Referendum Commission is conducting the referendum. Besides Sudan, registered voters can take part in Canada, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Australia, Britain and the United States. Calgary and Toronto are the Canadian cities where voting takes place. Voting continues until Jan. 15. A separate referendum was also supposed to be held in the oil-rich region of Abyei, which lies between Southern Sudan and northern Sudan. It has been postponed because of instability in the region. The vote in Abyei is on which part of Sudan to join if Southern Sudan votes for independence.[/p]