South Korean Police are Gangnam Styled!

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by LightyKD, Oct 17, 2013.

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    South Korea will now cater to tourists who think everything in the country is straight out of Psy’s viral video “Gangnam Style,” a parody of the city’s affluent neighborhood that now boasts more than 1.7 billion views on YouTube.
    AFP reports that the new force of “tourist police” in Seoul, the country’s capital, will be made up of 100 men and women in dark blue uniforms designed by the pop star’s stylist. They’re also fluent in languages like English, Mandarin, and Japanese.


    WOW...just WOW Psy would be so proud!

  2. king_leo

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    "They’re also fluent in languages like English, Mandarin, and Japanese."

    Even though I never bought into the fad, that's a big feet just to please tourists.
  3. Gahars

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    "W-we're relevant, guys, totally! Make all the Gangnam Style! Epic for the win and over 9000 and do the Macarena, right? Right?"



    "Please love us."
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  4. Snailface

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    I want to be arrested by one of these walking costumes! O.O
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    It seems all articles on the subject are citing one single short, vague source, and are missing the point by a mile. Oh well. :rolleyes:
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    I forgot
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