Sources claim that Game Boy Color games are headed to Nintendo Switch Online's service


For a few years now, Nintendo has been adding a handful of games on occasion to its NES and SNES library for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Those tired of just those two platforms might be interested to know that there's potentially a new-old catalog of games headed to the Switch, if rumors are to be believed. An episode of a Nate the Hate podcast speculated that Game Boy games were to be imminently offered as part of Switch Online, with two other news outlets--Eurogamer and NintendoLife--corroborating the report with inside sources. Eurogamer even claims that more than just Game Boy and Game Boy Color games are being considered for eventual release, while NintendoLife contradicted it, saying that they did not hear any mention of anything beyond just GB/C.

For now, it remains unconfirmed, though this month marks the third anniversary of Nintendo Switch Online as a service, which would make it an opportune time to have such a reveal. Previously, a UI datamine implied that more than just NES games would be added, with SNES being the only new platform to be offered since then. Do you expect to see Game Boy games arrive on the Switch? Or perhaps more than just that, eventually?

Nintendo Life has also confirmed with its own sources that Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles are likely coming to the Switch Online service "really soon".

The same insider is far less optimistic about Game Boy Advance titles arriving on the paid online service in the near future - noting how several companies are currently working on re-releases, including Nintendo, who has the Advance Wars remaster coming out this December. We've also not heard anything about Game Boy Advance titles being included in this update.

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