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    When Galaxy came out in November of 2007, I was playing CounterStrike on my PC. I did not own a Wii. Every gaming site I knew were talking about the game. I did not get the chance to experience it for my self for another 3 years. Perhaps, it was for the better. I purchased Galaxy on Amazon two months ago. I purchased my Wii in the Q4 of 2009. Super Mario Galaxy while a truly awesome game has its flaws. Every game does. I'll document them below.


    Time played: 12 hours and 53 minutes
    Obtained: Purchased on Amazon's site
    Notes: Mostly played Single Player, also played some co-op.
    Star Bits: 1957 Bits

    There isn't much to say for story in this game. Mario goes to the Star Festival to meet with Peach. You get a feel of the game controls while running towards the castle. Star-Bits fall from the sky making for a beautiful beginning. Once you're near the castle Bowser takes the entire castle and lifts Peach into space. The cut-scene is amazing. The graphics rivaling cut-scenes on the 360/PS3 making for an amazing experience. What happens after isn't so "amazing", though. Mario wakes up on a planet and has to chase rabbits. Yes, f'ing rabbits! This isn't Super Mario 64. I don't want to spend my first 10 minutes of the games chasing rabbits. You later meet with Rosalina and have an incredibly boring discussion of what happened. After that, they teach you how to use a launch star and the fun starts!

    We begin getting bits of a broken launch star on a planet. I go upside down on the planet maneuvering Mario with expert precision to avoid falling into the black-hole. I take launch star to the next planet by jumping to the launch-star and shaking the Wii-mote. I hadn't expected the digital controls (shaking) to work as well as analog controls but it did! I go on the next planet and get a glimpse of how great the gameplay mechanics are in this game. I avoid the electricity at the middle of the planet and shake the Wiimote to stall a gigantic goomba. I shake the Wiimote once again to kill the Goomba and retrieve the key. I free the trapped Luma and proceed on my journey to get the grandstar. I'm now inside an interesting looking planet pressing on the pressure-sensitive plates to deactivate the shield trapping the Grand-star. Once I step on all the plates, the shield is opened. I run towards the Grand-star and jump grabbing the grand-star in the nick of time. It all seems like a dramatic novel and it's just the beginning.

    The game-play in this game is amazing. The bee-suit in 'Honey-Hive Galaxy' is great! You can float about by pressing 'A' on the Wii-mote. You can't fly for as long as you want, though. There is a meter that tells you how much time you have left to float about. If Bee-Mario touches water, you turn back into regular Mario. Swimming in this game is rather annoying, though. Mario swims in a clumsy way, though. He does not move about in the water in a fluid manner. Luckily, that is fixed with the shell. You can hold a shell to greatly increase the speed and accuracy of Mario when swimming. Spring-Mario is the worst item in this game. I cannot count the number of times I died while moving about in 'Toy Time Galaxy' with Spring Mario. I absolutely loathe Spring-Mario and I hope it does not return in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Ice-Mario and Fire-Mario are great power-ups if only for the music that plays when you have it. It's somewhat like Rainbow Mario, though. It fades away after awhile.

    The Prankster Comets in this game are great...when you first see them. After that they get annoying and are just a way to prolong the life of this game. To make it seem longer than it is. About 40 of the stars in this game are got through Prankster Comets. It can get irritating when you have to replay an annoying galaxy just to get more stars to complete the game. The observatory in this game is one of the worst hub worlds I have seen in a videogame. It's just plain exasperating when you have to go through several different places just to reach one galaxy. There is not atmosphere in the hub-world. It's just a small place filled with Lumas and Rosalina. There is nothing there that gives it personality. Co-op in this game could have been made much better. The second player is limited to just moving the Wiimote around to collect star-bits and to stall enemies. It seems like it was tacked on during the last week of development. There are so many unique galaxies in this game! One is a desert area filled with a bunch of gravity-defying planets that contain a bunch of enemies ready to stop you from getting the star needed to complete the level.

    The music in this game is great! The orchestrated music in this game is great. I loved the epic music that played when you fight Bowser at the end of the game. It brought a level of immersion into the game that is not found in any other game. I felt like I was in the game fighting that gargantuan lizard myself. The MIDI in this game is also great! Maybe not at the same level as the orchestrated music but still great. The tunes vary from a cheery theme to a serious and epic theme. The music in this game are the best music I have ever seen in a Mario game.

    Graphics in this game are great! They rival graphics on games on the 360/PS3. The art-style in this game is amazing. I zoomed in at several times just to marvel at the amazing art-style. I was shocked at the amount of detail Nintendo put into the game. I have yet to see a Wii game that looks better than Super Mario Galaxy and this was made in 2007. The game brought a wow factor unseen of since the Windows Vista launch.

    Super Mario Galaxy is a great game! I enjoyed it immensely. It has its flaws but they are greatly outnumbered by the number of good things in this game!

    Story: 7/10
    Graphics: 10/10
    Gameplay: 9/10
    Music: 9/10
    Overall Score: 9/10